A1 AUTO BODY & REPAIR | Maintenance is the Best Prevention

Lube Oil & Filter $35.95

    4 CYL CARS ONLY Up to 5 quarts of 5W-30 or 10W-30 wt motor oil Check & top off all fluids. Free install wipers Plus Parts Coupon Must be presented when Service is requested, not valid with any other offer. Most vehicles Plus Hazardous waste fee SUV's VANS 4 WD's extra. 4 CYL only special fluids extra connister filter extra

Brake special $149.95

    .Free brake inspection .Turn drums & rotors With this coupon only:- Semi metallic pads & AC Delco pads $20 extra

30/60/90/120K Mile service $380.95

    Includes: oil & filter change, tune-up air filter, spark plugs, PCV , fuel filter, transmission service , Radiator drain & Refill , brake inspection , Tire rotation , inspect Belts & hoses Platinum Plugs Extra , Most vehicles

Transmission Service $89.95

    Includes: Up to 5 Quarts fluid new filter & gasket, check for leaks, Plus Hazards waist fee

CV Axle & Free Tire Rotation $125.95

    Most vehicles Rebuilt only
    New Additional 25 per axle
    SUVs, Truck VANS extra

Timing Belt $280.95 (Most Vehicles)

    Including part 4 CYL only Most light Truck and cars, Water Pump & Seal Extra

A1- Auto Body & Repair